12 New Philly High Rises Opening In 2018

12 New Philly High Rises

It doesn’t take much more than a short walk around the city to see that Philly is on the rise—literally. At Curbed Philly’s last count, 27 high-rises were under construction, and many more are in the pipeline. But after a year of navigating construction sites and peering up toward soaring construction cranes, we’ll all be able

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The 10 Biggest CRE Stories Of 2017 In Philadelphia

10 Top Stories

Philadelphia’s skyline changed in significant ways in 2017, but that does not even scratch the surface of the year that was in commercial real estate. These are the stories that drove the news cycle and the water cooler conversation in this city. 10. Activity up and down the Delaware River waterfront Though it seemingly will

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As Center City Booms, Old Philly Buildings Get Overbuild Treatment

As Center City Booms

The proof is in the cranes: Construction in Center City continues to boom, with developable land very few and far between the many new towers piercing the sky. Yet not all of the high-rise projects currently under construction are starting from scratch. A number of developments are making use of already existing structures, putting overbuilds on

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