Chestnut Hill Conservatory

Philadelphia, PA


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MY Architecture
Architecture and Interior Design


Size: 1,350 sf
Cost: TBD
Completion: TBD

In design: a private conservatory in Chestnut Hill

Have you ever been to the Fernery at Morris Arboretum? A magical place, a tropical wonderland in a Victorian green house. This conservatory will be modern, mid-century modern, not Victorian, but we hope with the same sense of wonder. The wood and stone of mid-century modern resonate with the Wissahickon stone tradition of Chestnut Hill. Inside, water will pour forth from a stone bowl and form a stream through the center, about which a stone path will lead through a delightful sampling of tropical plants. And a hot tub at the end provides a place of respite and renewal in an evocation of the Garden of Eden. A microcosm of God’s world.