32nd Street Residences

Philadelphia, PA


Radnor Property Group


MY Architecture


Size: 138,400 SF
Cost: $42,560,000
Completion: TBD

Our proposal for a residential building on the boundary between Drexel University and the SEPTA Powelton Yard site is driven by its context. Drexel University has an ongoing need for housing, both on and off campus, and the Radnor Property Group has been filling this need. The proposed program for this triangular piece of property is for small apartments that cater to university students, young faculty and staff, as well as young professionals. The small size equates to affordable rents. There are 217 units in all, divided approximately into 1/3 333 SF studios, 1/3 433 SF studios, 1/3 533 SF one bedrooms. 53 cars are provided below the building at track level, shared with SEPTA, and there is also provided an independent SEPTA Rail Crew Quarters / Reporting Facility.

This building represents an opportunity to plug a “gap” in the Drexel University campus at the corner of 32rd and Arch Streets. The new building forms a wall between 32nd Street and the railyards, which encloses the campus at this open juncture while also offering spectacular views of the Center City skyline to half the residents of the building. The residential floors bend slightly at the middle. This orients the southern half of the building diagonally across the intersection to one of Drexel University’s rare open spaces, the soccer field between 33rd and 32nd Streets south of Arch Street. It also suggests the continuity of the defining wall of buildings around this corner of the campus which spatially defines this important open space.